April 1st 2024

Welcoming our New Director: Heinz Albert Stumpen

Mr. Heinz Albert Stumpen is appointed as our new Director of ECR-EGTC

March 26th 2024

ECR-EGTC Founding General Assembly

The new grouping ECR-EGTC held its first General Assembly meeting on March 25 and 26, 2024, in Rijswijk, Netherlands

July 18th 2023

ECR TWG Masterclass Tachograph Manipulation 2023

The Masterclass Tachograph Manipulation took place in Hasselt (Belgium) from June 19 to June 23

July 18th 2023

A look back at the ADR Expert Masterclass 2023

The ADR Expert Masterclass was held in Valenciennes (France) on topics such as electronic data interchange, overview of ADR tanks, inspection of tanks and future amendments of the ADR 2025

May 31st 2023

Multilateral Exchange Germany - Hanover May 2023

An ECR Multilateral Exchange took place in Germany in the region Hanover from May 8th to May 12th 2023

March 2nd 2023

ACE (ADR Crossborder Enforcement)

Multilateral dangerous goods controls took place from the 4th-7th October 2022 in the Czech Republic

February 21st 2023

Road check Aalsmeer (Netherlands)

On February 14th a road check was held on the area of the Flower Auction Aalsmeer (Netherlands) by Dutch National Police in co-operation with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) with observers from the European Labour Authority (ELA), Poland and Lithuania..

February 6th 2023

Multilateral exchange Romania - Timisoara 2022

Multilateral exchange

February 6th 2023

A look back at the 5th ADR Masterclass 2022

A look back

February 6th 2023

Bilateral exchange Netherlands - Germany 2022

Bilateral exchange Netherlands - Germany 2022

February 22nd 2021

Webinar ADR

A succesfull Webinar ADR