Euro Contrôle Route - concerted roadside checks

In accordance with article five (5) of EC 2006/22 ECR organises at least seven coordinated control weeks each year. During these weeks all ECR members perform roadside checks using harmonized reporting checklists and a common control briefing.

Article 5

Concerted checks Member States shall, at least six times per year, undertake concerted roadside checks on drivers and vehicles falling within the scope of Regulations (EEC) No 3820/85 and (EEC) No 3821/85. Such checks shall be undertaken at the same time by the enforcement authorities of two or more Member States, each operating in its own territory.


The checks focus on the entire roadside acquis, but particular attention goes to :

  • driving and resting hours
  • tachograph enforcement
  • technical condition of the vehicles

The ECR working group uses the detailed analysis of this controls to further finetune control targeting.

Several members uses these controls as an opportunity to further the exchange of best practice by organising shadowing exercises as well as cross-border checks with enforcement teams made up of different nationalities.

Taking into the highly specialized nature of dangerous goods transport enforcement and the potential danger off accidents involving ADR transports, ECR has added two dedicated ADR cross-border controls (ACE - ADR Cross Border Enforcement) to its coordinated controls programme for 2018.