Guidance notes on the implementation of Community rules on driving times and rest periods of professional drivers

The following guidance notes have been drafted by the Working Group and endorsed by the Committee composed of Commission representatives, experts from Member States national administrations, enforcement bodies, employers' organisations and trade unions. Guidance notes provide comments on certain provisions of the Regulation with the aim to improve efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in the enforcement of these rules across the EU.

GUIDANCE NOTE 1 - Exceptional deviation to find a suitable stopping place

GUIDANCE NOTE 2 - Recording driver's travelling time

GUIDANCE NOTE 3 - Interrupting driver's break or rest in emergencies

GUIDANCE NOTE 4 - Driving time recorded in frequent-stop multi-drop operations

GUIDANCE NOTE 5 - Attestation of activities

GUIDANCE NOTE 6 - Recording of time spent on ferry or train

GUIDANCE NOTE 7 - The meaning of "each period of 24 hours"

GUIDANCE NOTE 8 - Exceptional situations when driving without a driver card is allowed.